Repair or Replace?

That is the first question many people have when undertaking a tennis court maintenance project.  Is the court fundamentally sound enough to resurface or does it need to be rebuilt or replaced?  If you find yourself asking this question more than you’d like then you may want to consider upgrading to our DobbsCourt surface which comes with our 10 year guarantee, saving money and playtime.

The appearance of cracks on a court is common and isn’t necessarily cause for alarm.  Most courts are constructed of asphalt (though concrete courts exist, too) which shrinks and looses its elasticity with age.  As the weather goes from extreme hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, the asphalt court surface will expand and contract accordingly.  New asphalt does this fairly well, but as the asphalt gets older and becomes more brittle it is unable to accommodate this movement and the stress causes it to crack.

Depending on the degree of cracking, the age of the court, and the integrity of the base on which it’s built, the court may just need routine crack repairs and resurfacing, or a complete reconstruction.

New Construction


Crack Repair

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