There are several methods of crack repair that can be performed, depending  on the overall condition of the court and budget constraints.

Standard Crack Repair

If the court surface shows no sign of peeling, fading or wear, the cracks could be repaired without the downtime and expense of resurfacing the entire court.  For smaller, shallow cracks, the use of flexible ready-to-use crack materials offers a quick, inexpensive solution.  These products come in light green, dark green, red and blue to match most court color combinations.   Wider, deeper cracks will require applying a tough, acrylic patch mixture which can then be painted to match the surrounding court.

Guardian Installation

If you’re planning to resurface the court, you may choose to upgrade the crack repairs to the Guardian crack repair system.  Guardian is a self-adhesive, ductile membrane that is installed over the filled cracks to eliminate the reappearance of cracks for many years to come.  It is designed to stretch as the underlying court moves, thus preventing the the crack from reappearing in the court surface.  Properly installed, the finished repairs will be indistinguishable on the court and will not affect play.   If  overlaying the court isn’t an expense you’re prepared for now, this can be the perfect intermediate step for many court surfaces.