Newly Constructed Court

A properly built tennis court should have a serviceable life of 20 – 25 years with regular maintenance.  After that time, the cost of and effectiveness of continued repairs may make reconstructing the court a viable option.

Installing a new layer of asphalt over the surface is the standard reconstructive practice.  This is typically done using a geotextile paving fabric between the  old and new surface to slow the reflective cracking in the new overlay.  This is the least expensive reconstruction option and it will result an a virtually new court that will provide you with many years of low maintenance enjoyment.

Reconstructed Court

For an even better result, a base layer of rock can be placed over the existing surface prior to the installation of new asphalt, creating a buffer that eliminates the transference of cracks from the underlying court.  A concrete curb around the perimeter and new fence can be added as optional upgrades to enhance the new look of the court.

Dobbs Court Installation

And for the ultimate tennis surface, we can install a synthetic surface over the old court that provides true cushioned play and is guaranteed against cracks for 10 years! The Dobbs Court is a multilayer, heavy-weight composite, that is truly the most advanced tennis surface available today.  This durable, low-maintenance surface is perfect for both city parks and the finest country clubs.